Okay now that I actually have the Pinebook up and running on totally free software... thoughts:

- Not bad! The basics work.
- No wifi. Plugged in a USB dongle I had lying around for now.
- Xwayland's performance is terrible and alacritty requires Rust which Alpine doesn't support on non-x86_64 architectures yet because Rust is turboshit for package maintainers.
- If I have the external display plugged in at boot, the internal display doesn't work; but if I plug in the external display after starting sway, multihead works; but the external display is all shaky and weird. Another issue with sway and interlaced modes, perhaps? Not sure.
- It has a pretty hard time keeping up with 1080p video. I caused a kernel panic when I tried to use hardware decoding.
- postmarketOS continues to impress me.

Is it daily driver capable? eh, probably not. If lima matures and I can get rid of Xwayland, maybe. I also haven't tested video playback.

Err, I have tested video playback. When I wrote the conclusion I was like "wait, let's just test video playback" and then didn't go back and update it

@sir you could probably compile #alacritty yourself, but that's of course not what "normal users" want to do.

Yes, packing #rust packages is pain, I know how it is in #nixpkgs and it is no fun. Buy it gets better. Slowly.

@sir that's funny (about multihead), I couldn't get HDMI to work on X on default OS, and on Armbian the internal display would turn off, so this is nice news i guess

@sir let's see!

- Wireless, in PKGBUILD repo, I linked you earlier there's rtlsomething-bs dkms module packaging, you can use that to build wifi module.
- About multiscreen, it's hardware thing, basically both HDMI and eDP outputs share same clock, so when you try to make multiple display work, if both are using same resolution and same refresh rates it works fine, otherwise life is bad.
- I believe pinebook you have is not 1080p model right? 13" one right?


- Eh, nonfree WiFi driver? No thanks.
- Multiscreen -> hm, interesting. Thanks for the info. I have no problem using different resolutions but maybe refresh rates is the issue
- No, it's 1080p. 14"

Unfortunately it seems to have become broken while I left it powered off on the table overnight. Back to the drawing board...


It's not nonfree driver, just firmware is binary I believe, just that it's trouble to get driver upstream so it's provided as external source or something IIRC.

- Re: 1080p, are you sure...? Pretty sure 14" never came with 1080p screen, just 11" came with it.

About suspend, I believe suspend requires some more work, is one of related building block I believe.

@sir you don’t happen to have pushed relevant pmaports somewhere? I’d love to try that out sometime

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