Okay now that I actually have the Pinebook up and running on totally free software... thoughts:

- Not bad! The basics work.
- No wifi. Plugged in a USB dongle I had lying around for now.
- Xwayland's performance is terrible and alacritty requires Rust which Alpine doesn't support on non-x86_64 architectures yet because Rust is turboshit for package maintainers.
- If I have the external display plugged in at boot, the internal display doesn't work; but if I plug in the external display after starting sway, multihead works; but the external display is all shaky and weird. Another issue with sway and interlaced modes, perhaps? Not sure.
- It has a pretty hard time keeping up with 1080p video. I caused a kernel panic when I tried to use hardware decoding.
- postmarketOS continues to impress me.

Is it daily driver capable? eh, probably not. If lima matures and I can get rid of Xwayland, maybe. I also haven't tested video playback.


Err, I have tested video playback. When I wrote the conclusion I was like "wait, let's just test video playback" and then didn't go back and update it

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