When your page is not found, return a 404. Not a 302, not a 301, not a 200, but a 404.

@sir If it's seriously not found, 410. Don't mess about with temporary errors. Tell me straight. I can handle it.

@sir Nah Imma return half a dozen 302s going to a 200 then ip block you for hitting endpoints too fast U w U

@sir What if I just return 200 with some html that shows a fancy 404 message. I just don't think raw 404 errors are user-friendly enough.

@sir No, I'm not. Do people actually say what I just said?

@philipwhite @sir You can return a 404 with an HTML page, users won't see the difference with a 200

@philipwhite @sir Back when I was in uni pretty much everyone did that. I’ve seen it happen a few times in the wild as well.

@philipwhite @sir Yes, they do. Usually when they're on the other side of a Web stack that doesn't give them access to the body of 404 responses or they don't want to bother or don't know how to find the controls for that.

Absolutely not. You should never return a 404 when you can return a 418 instead.

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