Just had to explain, again, to my family that the way they use computers and the way I use computers are vastly different and I have no idea what their Windows or Gmail problem is

@sir I also get this — just because I studied CS doesn’t mean I’m a computer wizard that can solve all your problems (I mean, I am, but I don’t necessarily want to spend my free time solving your problems for _free_ 🧙‍♂️)

@hugo @sir

When explaining how vast the CS field is, I put it this way:

« Would you ask your dentist to operate on your eyes ? »

@sebsauvage @sir this is so much more poetic with your avatar being an 👁

@sir What I do: complain about why (technically) that software doesn't need to be so painful for them.

I find that illustrates to them where my skills and education lie: how computers *can* work rather than how they currently *do*.

I just say "sorry, I don't know anything about Windows" and it saves me from tech support problems that don't even relate to Windows.

@sir "I can't fix your computer, but look at the really cute rio lookalike I wrote the other day"

@sir since I installed my wife and father stock Debian stable, zero support tickets from them.

@sir in my country there is a joke: "Hey, you are the programmer, can you please come fix my smoothing iron?" *grin*

However I thought that guys like you (FOSS enthusiasts that earn money by doing FOSS) spread your way of using computers to relatives. It is pretty confusing to understand that we have same issues here.

@alexcleac @sir The same issue with me too.

Helping people get that first foot in the door is really difficult, they love their existing OS and refuse to hear contrary arguments.

@sir just have a sysadmin as your father, problem solved, he'll do all the tech support.

@sir this workaround doesn't work if you've already moved your family to Linux :(

@bugaevc Microsoft literally signs checks for my parents and my sister gets fussy if I speak about tech for more than 30 seconds in her presence, so the odds of me moving them to Linux is approximately 0%

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