Observation: all software that puts little widgets on a desktop-like interface inevitably falls out of fashion. Ex windows vista's thing, KDE plasmoids, Android widgets

@sir Many just tend to look out of place on a desktop, so it isn't surprising tbh

*proceeds to use widgets on Android and screenlets on Compiz*

@sir I mostly agree, but not for Android. I see tons of people with at least agenda & search widgets.

@amdg2 @sir I use android widgets only fullscreen on their own workspaces, same as most other people I've seen use it, so are they really widgets at that point or are they just fake tiling window management.

@martijnbraam @sir very good question, it is also my case. My wife use agenda widget on right half of one screen, still falling in tiling wm use case I guess.

@amdg2 @martijnbraam @sir I use Android widgets as widgets. And I love them. Widgets are perfect for a mobile os.

@superluser @sir There is also the cat catching the mouse, don't remember the program's name.
Or the (cock)roaches, running from under the window, when it's moved…

@sir Except for clock/calender android widgets and sticky notes on desktop.

@sir On Android I have a nearly half-screen filling calendar widget on one page and music player widgets on another. Pretty useful.

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