Enough beating around the bush. GNOME 2 was one of the best desktop envrionments ever. Then the culture of the GNOME team got completely out of whack and they have spent all of their time since making Linux worse for everyone. We rewarded them for making the best desktop by giving them the most market share, then they just waved that big cock all over the scene, undermining their project and fragmenting the ecosystem. The fault for Linux desktop fragmentation can be placed squarely at their feet. Fuck you, GNOME.

The GNOME devs are bullies that ignore their users, build walls, and fight against everyone who's trying to make Linux better.

@sir I love it when I get blamed for using software "incorrectly" in a bug report or on a developer blog, long live GNOME!

@thufie @sir wait, gnome did that? blaming the user for a bug is an old microsoft tactic.

guess it shouldn't be surprising. they are making a win98 clone. win98 is the most awful os i have ever used.

@sowth Yeah in the mind of a GNOME developer, users are the problem, see this for one of my favorite examples:

Rather than making themes actually work and easy to target and maintain they insist on blaming everyone else for using other themes to begin with, which isn't healthy.

@thufie that is completely disingenuous. Zero people are blaming users. It’s explicitly stated that users making the choice to theme things is fine. None of us are taking issue with that.

@brainblasted The feature of GTK themes is provided you just won't fully support it or help in making themes not break every two seconds because maintaining the core GNOME look is more important, I get it. I also dislike it because what the users want gets pushed aside. If you are going to break basic customization every "minor" GTK update I don't know what else to say. But I don't appreciate being on the other end of this patronizing development attitude.

@brainblasted It would help if stable targets for the community were set and major stylistic changes weren't constantly being rolled out before the community can react.

@brainblasted I hope you can understand why I feel like it isn't really a community project because of this. I think the "not our problem, we know best" attitude is detrimental no matter how much you say "but technically you can still try to do X".

@thufie no changes to how GTK themes have been put out in years. The only change has been a refresh of the default theme. Also, GTK isn’t GNOME; GTK allows for theming, but the GNOME desktop project does not support custom themes.

@thufie GNOME is a community project. Any person can come in and start contributing to it. That’s what I’ve done. A project being a made by a community doesn’t mean that those that aren’t participating get to make the rules. You can only change things by getting involved.

@brainblasted being a user is being a part of the community. Not everybody is going to drop whatever they are doing and be a direct contributor (in terms of coding).

I don't know if you know this, but most people don't have the time to become a project contributor on every project involved in their desktop.

I think you are better than this kind of stereotypical techbro argument fetishizing people who know how to code over everyday users.

@sir @izaya They’ve been ignoring their users for years. That’s why a lot of people who used to be die-hard GNOME users, now use something else.

@sir mean it's all open source software
You don't need to use any gnome developed things if you want to. And there are loads of people agreeing with you no matter what side you're on. Pretty sure there will always be other great options if you're not happy with what one Dev team delivers
@virus @sir it's about standards (Wayland extensions), not apps. Gnome rolls their own versions of shit despite the rest of community and that's what Drew's going on about

@314 @virus apps are a problem too but I'm obviously more familiar with the intricacies of the Wayland issues

@sir is allan day still a dev there

I remember a thread from ~2011 where his concern over people having aesthetic freedom was The Brand

@sir finally someone finds the courage to say it. and its standards was awesome but it doesn't innovate anymore. I would love to have Freedesktop to provide the same experience of Android platform, where app developers have APIs and protocols for many common things. For example there apps can provide alternative virtual keyboards.

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