@sir I am sooo hyped for this! Hyped in a bumbly and crappy way though so I am basically trashing through my own configs to get it working :D

@sir a few questions if you don't mind, since it's been awhile since ive used aerc
in the screencast i saw you type/paste in your password. is there some way that you can use pass to fetch your password on startup in the config file? this is what i do with neomutt and i love it

also are you using a custom vim configuration just for email (e.g. coloring quotes) or is that due to some configuration that aerc is doing?
i haven't really configured vim well for email yet.

it's looking really good, i might give it a try but also i don't know go so i couldn't help out much.

@pounce (password) there is a custom command option, yes. (vim config) vim should automatically pick up sane defaults

@sir Oh wow, that looks really neat!

How well does it handle multiple accounts ? Right now I have 11 IMAP accounts on my neomutt with mbsync. How well would aerc's UI and backend networking deal with this ?

Is it possible to get all accounts simultaneously in the sidebar, thunderbird style ?

@aearil It supports multiple accounts as multiple tabs. 11 may be a bit much if you don't have a wide display. I wouldn't be opposed to a unified sidebar, but it would require some thought as to the implementation. If you want to familiarize yourself with the code, ask some questions on the IRC channel, and write-up a design proposal to the mailing list, that'd go a long ways

@sir Very nice, I might give it a try.

I don't speak Go yet, but that could be interesting :)
@sir Oh BTW, I didn't find any mention of an IRC channel on the different pages of the project. When is that chan ?
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