Start a blog and write your first article, get $20. Write another 3 articles within six months and get another $20.

> You must publish on a open-source platform
> GitHub provides free hosting

Github is non-free and promotes centralisation tho.

@lanodan github pages with a custom domain isn't locked in, though. I'll update it to suggest sourcehut pages eventually :')

@lanodan @sir
I was going to point that out, too, but since your blog is in a free format, you can always move it to some other hosting. And if you run Jekyll locally, you can push the generated HTML to any static HTML or PHP hosting, which there are tons of.

@sir would you donate to The Peregrine Fund? and do phlogs count?

@awg no, but you can redonate your reward if you want. What's a phlog?

@awg @sir is it also aggregated into an rss feed? thats the only way i keep up with blogs
@awg @sir or atom feed rather, i should get into the habit of suggesting the superior of the two
@wowaname @sir normally, no. but aggregators do exist, and I suppose there's no good reason not to use one.

@sir Dang, I already have a blog, I just haven’t written anything in more than two years. This seems like a neat idea, though

@sir does hosted WordPress count as open source? just to clarify

@314 yes, but it sucks so I recommend something else anyway

@sir Woah, generous, cool thing! Too bad I already started my blog a while ago :P

@sir this sounds like the right amount of motivation to start my blog and write about my video game reverse engineering journey 👀 (although I probably would take the charity option)

@sir i made a blog a year ago, but i've posted only one article. I'd like to create a new one with an hosted service, like, because i don't have the time to manage the current one. Can i still apply?

@ranfdev no, but I encourage you to move to anyway if it'll get you to write more 🙂

@sir is (Plume instance) OK or self hosting a Plume instance would be required?

@post hosted is fine! Just has to be an open source platform

@sir When you say tech blog, do you mean all of our articles have to be related to tech? I was planning on having one of my follow-up posts being about my experience with and taste in music, as well as talking about video games in another. I'm sure I can find other topics if those two wouldn't meet your standards. This is a really interesting proposal and experience, so thank you!

@cole you have to write some tech to qualify, but can totally write about other stuff too.

@sir So just to be super clear: to satisfy your challenge, I'd need 4 total posts relating to tech, but you wouldn't disqualify someone if they wrote about something other than tech -- those posts just wouldn't count towards the total?

@cole right. I wouldn't mind if maybe one of those posts are non-tech related. The point is just to get you to start it and keep it up, I can be flexible with the details.

This is fantastic ! Awesome.

I am on board.

Would you consider $ 20 for every blog, haha 😂


@sir Hey Drew, I think big problem is maintaining a blog. I've started few tech/floss blogs but it's really hard to get feedback and further motivation without pushing comments, or google analytics. Also SEO game is rigged towards big websites.

All that being said I agree with some of your points - technical blogs are great fun and great for solidifying your own knowledge. At the beginning of this year I've started a blog about web-crawling :)

@Wraptile you can ask for feedback! And sometimes your posts will generate good discussions on HN, reddit, lobsters, etc

@sir yes! So much yes! I love writing on my blog, I think it’s a fantastic way to talk abut personal interests. Everyone should have a blog IMHO.

@sir Interesting project you have going there. I wouldn't mind taking you up on the offer but, my (not yet live) blog is about my weekly experiences or thoughts. Tech, non-tech, McDonalds always forgetting my fries, etc.

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