Context: loaded up a new server with fresh hard drives, gave it the first boot... 10 seconds in it shows some RAID diagnostic information... 30 seconds later the raid card is in the trash.

@sir are HBA cards (i.e. SAS adapters that don't do RAID) better in that regard?

@Wolf480pl @sir They don't do custom striping for one, meaning it is easier to recover in software. They aren't that different from the ones in chipsets, or sometimes in motherboards.

@ignaloidas Yeah I know they don't have the recovery problem.
My question is, do they still slow down your boot sequence as bad as @sir claims RAID controllers do.

@Wolf480pl @sir I assume some of them can be delayed. Though servers aren't that fast to boot up anyways, and you have to find out how many drives do you have plugged in. But there shouldn't be RAID setup so that should speed up things

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