When you get fed up with a platfrom, stop and consider the root causes that led to the frustration you face. When you're considering the new platforms you'll use to replace it, look for the same root causes and avoid platforms which will suffer the same fate.

See also this blog post I wrote 5 years ago:

Heh, this is also the blog post which introduces to the world. Back then it was an image host (still is, but only to a small group of people)

@sir I made for that very reason. Not to turn a profit or because I wanted to build a great file hoster for the rest of the world but to scratch an itch, knowing that everything else will eventually die because people keep making the same mistakes.

I’ve made some decisions to ensure its longevity given the available resources, such as putting file transfer first and browsers second. That’s why there’s not even an upload form on it. The file retention formula I just pulled out of my ass, but so far it’s been very effective. I also don’t host on cloud services because they would charge me through the nose for egress traffic and storage.

Lately I’ve seen a lot more abuse though, and I’ve been half-assing moderation and threat mitigation. Maybe it’s time to refactor that pile of crap and add a decent moderation interface so I don’t have to rely on netdata alerts and manual queries to see if anything problematic is happening.

Anyway, I think it’s really bad that people have come to expect websites and services to somehow just pay for themselves. Makes it harder to replace the centralized, monetized web of advertisement.

@sir Also, had to shut down a while ago due to the same cryptoshits that have also hammered my server with botnet requests for months (I didn’t even notice at the time). It had cost them thousands of dollars at that point.

And has frequent downtime because it exceeds its quota very often (cloud hosting again).

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