Would anyone like to adopt It's expiring in a week and I'd sooner give it to someone who'll use it than let a low-life squatter buy it up as soon as it expires

@sir do you have any requirements how it should be used?

@valerauko wakaru is japanese for "understand", so keeping with that theme would be nice, but if you have another idea I'l listen to your pitch. Whatever it is, it should be open source and/or CC

@sir i was thinking of a tech blog-mag, possibly static

@sir there was that linus torvalds meme when he went "watashi linux chotto wakaru" (i can linux a little), so i thought running oss/tech stuff multi-author blog at would be funny

@valerauko I see. If no one else wants it I may get back to you, but I'd prefer to prioritize people whose plans more closely justify the domain name usage

@sir What were your initial plans, some kind of Japanese learning resource?

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