@sir eh, I probably screwed it up, meant to ask 'is it yours?" as in, is the domain yours right now?

@Wolf480pl I thought that might be what you meant, but you were too vauge. そのドメインはあなたの? would have been better. Or あなたのドメイン? Also, we use あなた on the internet, even if it would be rude/presumptuous IRL

Yes, it's my domain.

Hmm... ok, so あなた is fine on the net... even when you use です (like you did in your first sentence) ?

Also, that's a nice domain you have!
Would that be:

@Wolf480pl yeah, even if you use the polite conjugation あなた sounds weird. Though if you're referring to someone other than the listener, their name+honorific is fine.

As for すてき... I dunno, it sounds kind of weird to me. It's a bit too extreme, like the domain is AMAZING or FANTASTIC in english. I'd go for "そのドメインはいいなの!" perhaps

@Wolf480pl err, even if you use the polite conjugation あなた does NOT weird.

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