After shutting off the angry notifications for a bit and having a private think, I retract my criticism of Tusky. So, some clarifications:

1. Obviously, I am against nazis. Fuck's sake, people can have complex opinions without being nazis

2. If Tusky had put an anti-nazi clause into their license, their software would be nonfree. Putting anti-nazi features into free software does not, however, make the software nonfree. Despite being usable by nazis I think free software is a good thing and nonfree software is a bad thing.

3. I would not have personally added such a change to my software, because I think it's immature and doesn't really solve the problem of nazis. In fact, it may exacerbate it. I maintain that there are much better ways to address these issues.

4. Anyway, Tusky is fine. It's dumb but it's fine.

For the love of....

There are apparently more Nazis on the Fediverse than Hitler had under his command.

@sir I’m glad you thought about it and changed your mind. I may still disagree, but thank you for covering it thoughtfully and rationally :)

I'm somewhat surprised how few people responded in a way that demonstrated an understanding of your argument.

This is a good clarification. I don't think I would totally retract that the gab-blocking in Tusky makes the software less free, though I suppose it may be too picky to say that it is not free software at all. I'm on the fence.

Anyway, considering how many replies you get, I highly doubt you care to keep the argument going.

Thanks, @sir for reflecting on these points this way.

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