Apparently openring doesn't cut the article so maybe I should write summaries in my Atom feed?
Maybe could also use summaries on the homepage instead of putting full articles.

Any opinions?
Oh actually should be fixed.

And found another bug from my Atom feed as I use relative URLs… let's check the RFC to see if this is actually valid but at least w3c atom validator was okay about it.
Okay so Atom just wants it to be an IRI reference, and IRI references can be relative if there is a known base (feed's url so… rel="self" might be fine but same story it's an IRI and seems there is no limitation on it being relative or not).
Works in newsboat and probably other Atom reader since no one complained yet?

Guess I'm going to put a ticket if there isn't one.
@sir Looks like there is no for openring, could you file/fix the issue described in the previous posts of this thread?
I would fix it but I don't know enough go.

Go is the simplest programming language in the world, you can learn it in an hour

Now, wrapping your head around channels if you never had exposure to something like them before, or getting a hang of when and how to use goroutines and defer -- that may take ~6h more. ;)
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