Welcome to Dan Hallau, the final recipient of the award 🎉 the budget is now expended and the offer is closed.

Check out all 13 of the blogs which took me up on this offer here:

@sir I need to write more posts! I have like ten drafts but its like I am tryint to write to you, and I keep worrying that arthistory and design isn't your thing.

Can I throw some stuff at you to look at in the coming weeks? You can go "no you weird idiot, I am not impressed by posts concerning the fictitious past as presented in history!"

@ohyran I can proofread one or two of these, no problem

@sir I just wanna know if you feel at all interested you know? Like "is this interesting to me only or to people in general?"

@ohyran you haven't really given me anything to go on

@sir sry, kinda drunk. Will make you go "wow this is pretty interesting" in the coming week come hell or high water

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