I should also work on a better shell, right now I edit all shell commands in vim and I have an alias for reading the output of commands. Something smarter which groks ttys and does a few other nice things would be better for sure.

@sir I was thinking about this the other day and I thought of a three pane shell.
Command output would be saved as "pages". Sadly, you could not run Emacs in this shell.

@alephnull @sir you might not be able to run Emacs in that shell but I'd bet you could run that shell in Emacs

@alephnull @sir That's an interesting idea. I would imagine you don't need to write a new shell but rather a wrapper similar to screen or tmux.

@rcode3 @sir It will have to be a modified tmux. All the machinery is there, it is hooked up differently.

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