@sir I’m a software developer who uses a Mac as their daily driver and has experience using Linux on the command line. I want to get a new laptop, but Macbooks are too expensive and Windows is gross, so I’m thinking of getting a laptop and installing Linux on it. Are there any guides you can recommend for getting started with GUI Linux/what distro would you recommend?

@gbear605 older Thinkpads are good. Try the Thinkpad T520, or X200 if you want something lighter weight

@sir since you use an X200, i was wondering if have an opinion on X200 vs X200s vs X200t? (if you have used the latter two or looked into them, that is)

@aminb actually on second thought, I think I tried the X200T closer to its original release (a lifetime ago... almost literally!). I've never found the convertable tablet form-factor to be more than a novelty

@sir @aminb I acquired an X200T recently. It's great for being able to mark up papers (e.g. article proofs) via something like xournal(pp), but if you're not going to use the tablet functionality much, probably just the X200 would be better.

@_emacsomancer yeah i love annotating PDFs in xournal(pp) with the X220t stylus :) and being a grad student, i do actually do that fairly often. bus aside from that, i don't see myself using the tablet functionality much. i am pretty curious to try a non-tablet libreboot-able thinkpad tho :)

@aminb The X200T is Libreboot'able, but not easily. The X200 isn't too bad - that was the first machine I externally flashed the bios on, though my Coreboot'ed X230 is my daily driver.

@_emacsomancer ah good to know! i think i'd heard X200s is one of the harder ones to libreboot

@aminb I think the procedure for the X200s and the X200t is more or less the same. There's no clip that works for their bios chips.

@_emacsomancer aha. i've never done it myself. i was thinking of picking one up from minifree or technoethical, but i don't have that kind of money right now. i should probably pick one up from ebay (like i did my X200t) and try to libreboot it myself

@aminb You can buy a cheap usb flasher for a few bucks, and the appropriate pomona clip (you'll have to check the chip first), and good deals come up on eBay. I got an X200T for $15 a few weeks back (no drive, 3Gb, not adapter, no stylus (so I had to buy one for $10), but everything else was fine, including battery). I think I bought my X200 for $45 a few years back.

The pre-flashed ones are expensive, and anyway it's more fun to have done it yourself (if you can spare an afternoon or so).

@_emacsomancer god damn that's a great price :p i'll continue keeping an eye on ebay then

also, agreed about it being fun to do it myself :)
@sir haha 🙂 i see! i currently have an X220t, and i generally agree that i don't use it as a tablet too much, but when i do, annotating PDFs with its stylus is awesome. but that's about it. i guess i could pick up a normal X200 or X200s for my day to day use, and fall back to the X220t whenever i need a tablet
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