If anyone thinks ads are not harmful, but just annoying-

I searched YouTube for a movie trailer. First result is an ad for a different movie. Clicked on the actual trailer and the ad which shows before it is the trailer for a 3rd movie. This shit is straight up lying and it's incredibly immoral. The entire advertising industry is built to lie to people and dupe them out of their money.


> I searched YouTube

i think i might have found the problem.

I pretty much agree with you, but if I didn't, I don't think this would convince me. I think someone who views ads as just annoying would see this as only another, albeit comically obnoxious, annoyance.

Advertisements are not simply sitting by the actual content. They affect the quality of the content that gets published. Therefore, they can't simply be ignored. Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky go into this in great detail in their "propaganda model".

@sir I think it's much worse and more sinister than that. The advertising industry is built to manipulate people's entire world view so that they see giving their money to those who advertise as either a duty or a means to avoid suffering. There are consequences to this mass manipulation of world views that are much deeper than dollars spent and which we won't understand for many years.

@sir I don't think "immoral" covers it, it's much worse than a violation of moral norms. It's an attack on human consciousness. The attack is science-based, ubiquitous and relentless.

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