Time handling in Python is yet-again proved to be written by lobotomized monkeys on crack

To be honest Python has been making its way from my like list to my shit list for a while now

@sir good! soon you will start considering writing web backend in Java. Do not resist The Dark Side.

@Wolf480pl @sir to be fair java.util.Date is not the finest quality software also 😉

And then there's Calendar, which I don't even know how to use...

Can't we just all agree to count time in SI seconds since 1970, a.k.a. TAI-10, and ignore all that day of month stuff?

@Wolf480pl @sir well some people could. Other people need to do certain legal things e.g. monthly, and would go out of sync sooner or later.

@sir I've been liking time handling in Python, what problems did you encounter?

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