Non-negotiable features of a good mail provider:

- Custom domains
- IMAP and SMTP support
- No proprietary software required for its use

@sir Yeah, I enjoy using ProtonMail but their bridge is a slight turn-off. I pretty much only access my email from a webmail interface anyway, but it’s still a shame. =/

@Roujo if it's not a major turn off then you need to retune your bullshit detector

@sir I mean, I don’t use it so my objections to it are just for the principle of the thing. I’m sure that if I had a setup that required it then I wouldn’t have gone with them in the first place, indeed.

@Roujo this doesn't really excuse it. You're a reckless consumer if you financially support businesses which do anti-consumer things like this

@sir I get your point about it being anti-consumer. I don’t have your technical skills, although I’m trying to learn from people like you that I follow on here. My priority was to go outside Google’s ecosystem and regain control on my email address, so I weighted my options the best I could and made the trade-offs that worked for me. I’ll try to self-host eventually for sure, once I’ve learned enough to be confident I’ll be able to maintain and understand it well.

For what it’s worth, I find that being told that I’m a reckless consumer based on one conversation and choice of software is pretty harsh. I don’t know your intent, of course, but it makes me wary from discussing tech choices and wanting to learn from you if falling short of your ideals or making trade-offs you wouldn’t make means this is the response I’ll get. I guess we’re not looking for the same things, so I’ll try to stay on the sidelines without participating and get what I can from there. =/

In any case I also have some subjects that I’m very passionate about, and others that I find are important issues that I’m unwilling to compromise on so again although I have no idea if this is accurate w.r.t. you, I think I can relate a bit.

@sir and how would it tackle the problem that anyone faces when spinning up a personal mail server - that your emails go to spam automatically for gmail, outlook, etc?

@asko @sir

Setup at least SPF, DKIM and reverse DNS

@eo @sir But that's not enough. Unknown or "not trusted yet" IP's make emails go to spam in gmail and outlook regardless if you have all these set-up.

@asko @sir

Also IP address used to send email may be on a blacklist due to previous users, you can check on

Disroot. For customs domains you must donate a bit first.

@sir are there any providers you'd recommend? I'm tempted to move off gmail now they've closed their better email system

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