Imagine if the Encyclopedia Brittanica were published online before Wikipedia was big, and people pointed at it as evidence of Wikipedia's inevitable doom

This is how I feel about Google Maps with respect to OpenStreetMap

@sir I’m amazed at how far it’s come over the years, I remember mocking its quality even 5 years ago but now it seems like it’s so much more accurate, at least in places with volunteers (very poor/rich places)

@sir doesn't OSM only let a site use its data a certain number of times per day?

@starseeker @sir You can download all the data and use it locally as much as you want however you want

@ignaloidas thing is, that completely blocks any sort of mobile-device navigation app, since there's not gonna be room on most phones to download the entirety of the world map at a useful detail level, and that's one of the largest use cases of digital maps

@starseeker @ignaloidas
I use OsmAnd, an OSM-based offline navigation app for Android, and I have all maps I need downloaded.

Ask me anything.

@starseeker No. They have limits on the use of their *servers*. Not their *data*. That's a big difference.


all osm data is under a free license. essentially, they want people to self-host it, but they do provide a server that websites can use if they don't generate excessive traffic:


I think its great that OSM exists, but it does have a lot of problems, some of the most severe detailed eloquently at

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