Mastodon is not a medium which is conducive to debate. When I post a controversial viewpoint, it can show up in a lot of feeds, and responses to it can generate a lot of notifications in mine.

If I don't answer your question with the same level of good faith and carefully justified reasoning as you did, it's probably because you're the 10th person to express that viewpoint and I'm getting kind of tired of it.

Yeah, it sucks to be in that position, but the alternative is that I treat mastodon as a write-only medium. Let's meet somewhere in the middle?

@sir I guess the solution is not replying to individuals but replying as new posts

@martijnbraam decent advice, but a large portion of the replies I get are people who saw it boosted but who don't follow me

@sir @martijnbraam there has to be a better way though. I mean... OK horrible cliche old dude solution incoming:
What was so bad with forums, irc, blog posts and email lists? Or am I romanticizing a past that only existed in my head?

@ohyran @sir forums is great, sadly most forum software is either still stuck in 2000 or is so hyper-modernized that's unusable.

Also blog posts are great, but are for content where you put more effort in than a toot generally

@martijnbraam @ohyran @sir I don't understand forums -.- it feels weird to me to post to a 10 months or 5 years old topic, but apparently that's sometimes what one should do? How am I supposed to catch up on all the discussion that happened beforehand?

@utf8equalsX @martijnbraam @sir
You cant. You just have to hope for a good search function, insightful posters (who attach their posts to others posts if duplicate) and a reasonable system of topic organisation.

@sir GNU Social originally took over (from statusnet & identica) the hierarchical display of conversations. The display as list first came w/ Qvitter (a UI onto GNU Social), a hierarchical mode was not implemented in it.

If time & interest permits it, @Gargron could perhaps re-create the hierarchical display as a feature for Mastodon.

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