With Blender and Krita becoming seriously competitive with their proprietary alternatives, we're finally eroding away a major cornerstone of proprietary operating systems and software

As a long time GIMP (& Inkscape) user I've been exploring Krita. It has two main points. Short term, Krita tries to be more of a painting tool for artists creating from scratch whereas GIMP is more for editing.

This matters: in the industry those tools are specialized.

Long term they're moving like mad, adding features like decent animation tools, and caring a lot about the interface for non-programmer users. I think they'll become the number one #FLOSS art app.

@harrison_partch @sir

@sir If only Linux became competitive now :P

If only people weren't ridiculous and said it wasn't. 😉


They both are great. From the artists perspective what I miss the most is decent vector graphics editor.

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