@sir do you see the blog as something that there is only one of per instance of sr.ht (or only on sourcehut.org) or are you envisioning a blogs.sr.ht where anyone can set up a blog?


@gbear605 this is just for sourcehut.org. A generic static website hosting service is planned but unrelated

@sir @gbear605 looking at the page, I find nothing unappealing. Was playing with having your line lengths at 110 instead of 140 characters in my head (Didn't try a CSS fit; don't see that attribute in your CSS nor recall how). You think some blurb-like design, akin to how one uses git-commit comments, would for the initial viewing of a page?

@sir @gbear605 where you have git.sr.ht, for instance: this being a blog, it is timestamped, and has a title and subject. So, termbin.com/yn4z

@gbear605 @sir fast access to info. This page would be a link to one of the read-more. Could also link easily to other resources in the sourcehut system.

@sir @gbear605 lol. Still a bit jacked up on the earth tremor 90 minutes or so ago.

@sir @gbear605 lists.sr.ht/~emersion/mrsh-dev exposes so much information directly from a push. This is tied to the email protocol. Is the purpose of the blog to create a digest for the less technically, more business inclined? I am more of the former. The idea is to link what you already have going as part of overall integration.

@sir @gbear605 would the blog being able to be generated from an email be too gimmicky?

@nergal @gbear605 there it is. You want to generate a blog from emails. No, I thought about that but it wouldn't work well.

@gbear605 @sir that may give you the possibility of using the mail as the blog, where the subject becomes the blurb?

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