@sir Kotlin might solve a lot of your problems with Java, since it pretty effectively gets rid of the bloat while still interoperating well

@gbear605 I'm entirely resigned from the java ecosystem

@sir that’s fair; I would be too if I were solely working on open source projects of my own choosing

@sir interesting that you've moved rust out of the "languages i'd not use for anything category"
is it because of the systems programming?

i agree that the package ecosystem is trash and lots of people use rust poorly
still i find the strongly typed stuff useful for really low level tasks

@pounce the other stuff is for software I would refuse to even contribute to. I wouldn't start projects in Rust but if I had a need I might send a patch

@sir ya im pretty much in the same place at the moment

might start up my OS rust project again though to demo some stuff for my adv OS class

@pounce some software I use (and enjoy) is written in rust, like alacritty and synapse

@pounce but personally I would have written those in C and C or Go, respectively

@sir interesting you skewer ruby but is that more about ruby itself or rails by which most see as ruby?

@sir interesting how people perceive cs languages, from my time when i programmed for a living i saw C as good for drivers but misused for so many things like python now as it along with java is what is taught by 90% of academic CS courses. So people forced it's use into so many things there were better choices as that was what they knew.

@sir If you're going to lump together Haskell and Erlang, you may as well just lump together C and C++.

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