pandoc is an actual _gigabyte_

but no haskell is good

@sir pandoc contains every documentation program in existence

@ben is this supposed to redeem it or something

I just realized that Pandoc is probably only useful Haskell program I know and use....

@sir you should see how many dependencies it has in Arch, it's actually kind of ridiculous

@nocko @sir I personally use pandoc-bin from the AUR, sure it's huge but I need pandoc and it's better than the NPM simulator experience that is the official package.


Someday we'll have fast enough internet to support gigabyte-large web pages and everyone will still think it's normal and the best way of engineering things.

We'll be using a functional wrapper around an imperative REST API exposing React-As-A-Service.

@sir That's just false. It's currently [16 to 58 MB depending on the platform](
Those are are static builds though (except the .deb probably). I think your distro is doing something weird/wrong with the pandoc package, like making it depend on GHC. Nix for example currently has the same problem:
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