Gauging interest in early access to the drafts. Would you, dear reader, buy in on this?

@sir Would pay more than $2 if an epub was available for on-the-go offline reading (like, in the train on my ebook reader). Even if it is not the latest version, eyestrain reduction makes it worth it to have an epub. May be hard to read code though.

@MicroJoe would like to generate an epub but the relevant mdbook plugin is abandoned and broken

@sir Maybe there is a quick and dirty way to generate one from the HTML output, Pandoc may allow that.

@MicroJoe I'm working on patching the mdbook epub exporter, we'll see how it goes

@sir Not on an ebook reader, you really want native reflow of the text.

@MicroJoe I see. Well, I got a PDF... as for epub, still working on it

Couldn't you just convert the Markdown to XHTML via one of the billion tools for that? .epub is just XHTML put in a zip file with each chapter as its own file and a .opf, if I'm remembering correctly. This features a guy doing it manually:

@sir yes. I also agree that epub would be very nice, as would a PDF for printing.

@danipozo thinking about offering both for the final version, but not for the drafts

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