How do you play an mp3 file on plan 9?

mp3dec < sandstorm.mp3 > /dev/audio

@sir Well, this still exists with OSS(FreeBSD AFAIK) and SunAudio(Solaris, NetBSD, …).

@lanodan lord save me from using a Solaris or BSD system

@sir Well, I consider Solaris to be dead.
What's wrong the the BSDs in your opinion?

@lanodan they think they know better than everyone else, when in fact they don't, and it leaks

@sir Well, sadly this one is quite getting way too true in the Linux ecosystem too.
@sir True for most but doesn't seems so for NetBSD which has a bunch of drivers too, in fact might have more than linux as it's much more portable.

@lanodan true, but ramp up on a new arch is pretty easy, whereas drivers for every peripheral ever is much harder

@sir there is pkgin for the binary packages and it's quite good (between apk and apt I'd say).

@lanodan I'm not the sort of person who is satisfied with the binary packages

@sir @lanodan FreeBSD and OpenBSD (probably, NetBSD too) provide binary pakages
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