>Turn that hacker knack for linguistic hacking towards this goal, of thinking over how your phrasing and language makes different listeners feel.

But that requires being able to model how someone else (most of the time a non-hacker) will react in a certain situation. I'm pretty bad at that, and I'm sure so are many other hackers.

@Wolf480pl can get good at anything given deliberate and repeated practice

@sir never did that, most of the things in my life were non-deliberate practice, as in
> oh, this is so cool...
> *some time later*
> wow I suddenly understand it

@Wolf480pl a period of time for ideas to settle in is part of disciplined practice

@sir no, I mean, during that time in the middle I was still playing around with the thing. It's just that I didn't need to force myself to keep practicing it, because it just was the most interesting thing at the time anyway. It was incidental practice.

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