@sir Tangent, but the Randall Monroe quote articulates the unfocused rage I have whenever I see homeopathic shit in the pharmacies.

@sir So, nothing you said in that issue is wrong. The commons clause is (intentionally) misleadingly named, and calling commons-clause software "open source" is incorrect.

However, if the goal is to get the project to change, I think keeping the issue factual, without stuff like "Hear the anger of those you've wronged." or "You are a liar and a coward.", is more likely to work.

@mort @sir
Yeah. Good cause, but suboptimal strategy.

One thing I do when I want to send an angry issue/email/etc. to someone is I write it, but don't send it. Then the next day, when I'm calmer, I read it again, or run it by a friend, and rephrase it / cut it down to remove unnecessary anger.

Not sure if it will work for you, but worth a try IMO.

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