Attempting to make Club Mate at home, because it's impossible to find in the United States. Attempt one:

1. Cold brew mate tea in a french press overnight. Did not measure
2. Add 16g of sugar for every 240mL of liquid
3. Carbonate

Results: tastes pretty good but it's not Club Mate.

Next revision will incorporate citric acid and will substitute some of the sugar for high fructose corn syrup.

hmm ok
just wondering because i love mate but also im bad at coldbrewing tea
also never tried carbonating something before, but i do like carbonated mate

@pounce (1) put mate & water in a french press. Be generous with the mate. (2) put french press in fridge (3) wait at least 24 hours

have you ever had mate in a gourd
it's p yummy esp by the third steep

@pounce unfortunately not, but someday I'd like to try it

@sir @pounce most people don't believe it ever happened. we started doing them right at the start of the mastodon era here on feddy. Austin, TX, Finland, all kinds of real physical locations with completely realistic beers.
@xj9 @pounce @sir at least one person may not want it known they were there, I would of course redact faces.

I'm actually having trouble finding the pics, but I have them somewhere.

@sir club mate is the worst of mate ice tea brands and whatever you created probably tasted better

@lis @sir Depends on if you want the actual Mate taste or the "Club" taste 😉

@sir Is it actually cold brewed originally? I tried to replicate Mio Mio many times but never managed to get rid of bitterness.

@barthalion I think they use mate extract for club mate, but it's kind of sketchy to obtain cause there's lots of homeopathic bullshit

@johnfocker step one is to recreate the drink, step two is to refactor out the sugar

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