i mean, do whatever you want, but copyleft isn't convincing to me

@xj9 you said it yourself. Copyright incentivizes controlling ideas for profit. Copyleft incentivizes sharing ideas for social good

@sir to be fair, i'm an anarchist so i have a problem with the government being involved at all.

@xj9 an anarchist approach can easily be exploited in a society which is built around capitalist incentives instead of social ones.

@sir @moonman whenever i get to the point where i can do that kind of thing, also me.

@xj9 @moonman the only thing stopping you from writing kernels is that you're not writing a kernel right now

@xj9 @moonman lol, I just mean that it's all in your head. There's no special qualifications of kernel hackers. They're just people who hack on kernels.

@sir @moonman i am trying to hack on 9front, but i have to get my sleep system under control so i have the energy for it.

@xj9 @moonman ah, I mistook sleep deprevation for impostor syndrome

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