@sir Thank you, this was just what I needed to read. We've had our fair share of fuck-ups already on releases on Florence :D reading this cheered me up and made me more aware that everyone have to deal with this messy stuff

@sir Do you have a checklist in your project's repo? That made the biggest difference to avoiding repeat errors in coreboot releases (where we have the additional complication that there are multiple folks who do releases, depending on who has the time).

@patrick I encode the "checklist" into the script.

Ever tried living with `umask 0027`? Breaks all sorts of things. Release tarballs for example.

@sir Do you know git-version-gen? I use it for my project and while I still get a lot of fuckups, at least the version is consistent between the git repo and all places in the source where the version is needed.

If not, it is a gnulib module (but you can just download the script) that will compute the correct version based on the signed tags in your git repo (for instance, if you checkout the tag named v1.3.4 then calling git-version-gen will yield 1.3.4).


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