Reminder that getting personal internet security advice from YouTube personalities is a bad idea

NordVPN was compromised in probably the worst possible way and they didn't know about it for who knows how long

@sir Oh, that's just embarrassing for "security" company

@sir NordVPN user here. I'm not surprised given how other services haven't been infallible to similar slip-ups. The CryptoStorm guys, of whom I used to have an 'aleph' token with, reckon the past hour's traffic could be decrypted due to reneg-sec not being set (1h by default).

I also like how some of the thread's replies were just the names of rival services and how they weren't affected.


@thatbrickster @ignaloidas let's not descend into corporate tribalism, all of their rivals are just as bad

@thatbrickster @ignaloidas oh, and to be clear, this is an egregious failure of their organization's security organ and indicates gross incompetence, it's not really an easily forgivable mistake that anyone could have made

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