Put in a fresh round of improvements to's git+ssh pipeline performance. Saves 2-4 seconds on average, which is about a 100% improvement for the fetch case and a 20% improvement for the push case

It's pretty clear that Python is a major bottleneck in its own right, as well as bad decisions on my part in terms of how data is retrieved and moved along, in this pipeline. _Lots_ of performance mistakes made here, and loads of work to clean it up.

@Wolf480pl not really, I ought to have known better at the time, this is just my comeuppance for being a dumbass

@sir @Wolf480pl join the club of dumbasses. We meet on the tenth Tuesday of the month.

@tristan957 @sir @Wolf480pl the true measure of our character is not found in how we succeed but in how we fail.

@sir have you looked at nim as a fast python replacement? it may fit in well with your work since you use c so much.

@ITwrx not really a fan of nim's intermiediate form as a terrible C program

@sir oh, ok. :) i was wondering about your perspective on that.

@stick I've been gradually replacing the hot areas with Go

@sir Well, the difference is *huge*. I had (confessional) just about given up on for daily-use projects but it's fast enough now to replace GitLab completely. Glad to be a supporter!

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