Anyone else get an email from GitLab telling them that they're adding tracking scripts and until you agree to it your access to the website and API are revoked?

From GitLab:

- We're adding tracking
- Including third-party tracking
- There will be proprietary scripts
- The website and API will be broken for you until you agree

@sir So what they're saying is, *paying customers* will now be subject to *mandatory* telemetry and data collection?

I could *maybe* see their reasoning for installs hosted by GitLab, but a major selling point for self-hosting for many organizations is reducing the risk of disclosure of *their* paying customers' IP to third parties. Telemetry of any kind would be unacceptable to them.

@faoluin @sir Yes. I totally agree. This is ridiculous. I could understand if it is on but not on paid self-hosting software or any self-hosting.

@gaba @faoluin @sir Independently hosted instances of GitLab Community Edition are not affected, they say.

@chpietsch @gaba @faoluin @sir well they couldn't technically (or legally) enforce it on those anyway, since gitlab ce (the software) is free software and creating/maintaining a fork without their trackers would be trivial. So would spamming their analytics servers, btw.

@chpietsch @faoluin @sir Yes. They can't enforce it on Gitlab CE (that has an open source license). But they are requiring it for paid customers on their self-hosted Gitlab EE version.

Final step before IPO. surprised they didn't wait till afterwards

@sir yep, just now.. i actually considering of deleting my account (i still have a selfhosted)

@sir Remember the Toots/Blog postings back then when MS bought about why joining is not the real solution... This is why...

@sir illegal under gdpr, as access cannot solely be dependent on you waiving your privacy rights..

@Drezil @sir I'm not sure anymore about that, according to this german article:
"Wenn jetzt jemand das Koppelungsverbot anführen will: Das gilt bei den meisten Nachrichtenseiten aller Wahrscheinlichkeit nach nicht, da die Seiten kostenlos sind und das Tracking die Gegenleistung für den kostenlosen Inhalt ist. Es gibt dann sozusagen nichts, woran etwas gekoppelt wäre."

I read that as "if the service isn't paid, waiving your privacy rights can be used as price".

@anathem @sir
I also read that article today..

maybe i was mistaken... but they also say "probably".. as there are no verdicts yet - you never know how judges rule.

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