If my competitors keep making stupid decisions then making SourceHut successful will be pretty easy

Hi HN, the missing context is that this is signups for sourcehut.org, a GitLab competitor, in the wake of news that they'd be adding third-party telemetry to their software.

Also worth mentioning: my personal Mastodon account is mainly for shitposting and not used as a serious marketing channel for SourceHut. So I apologise for the snarky tone here.

@sir Great that's happening now given that i switched to it from Github a few months ago

@sir Congratulations mate. Success by others mistakes is always sweeter, no? 🙂

@sir Is there a SourceHut mastodon account as well? The snarky tone is appreciated.

@tristan957 no, there's not currently a SourceHut mastodon account. Not sure on which instance it ought to live, really

@sir the snarky tone is what keeps me coming back for more.

@sir I'll be able to tell my descendants that I signed up before it was cool :)

@sir Is it possible to install a custom source hut instance on my own machine? - Haven't found a something on this yet

@sir Oh I cant spot the difference in the link but its a working page. yay

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