Started keeping a journal this week of all the stuff I've been working on. I wonder if I should publish it?

Just keeping it for myself but it occurs to me that it might be nice for people to get more insight on what they're paying for when they donate to my work or buy a sourcehut subscription.

Sample attached

@sir why don't you use and then list things you closed in the last week?

@penguin42 because not all of my work is organized on Maybe half of it is reviewing patches from, github, gitlab.fd.o; end-user support; alpine linux updates; updating patches I've sent to projects around the net; writing blog posts; etc

@penguin42 on a typical day I close zero tickets tbh

@sir Nod; I find asking issue tracking systems for what changed in the last week is an interesting way for me to remember some of the things I fixed.

@sir I’d love to see it if you’re making them anyway.

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