Secret skill: I can write most tar commands without consulting the man page

@sir Have you considered a job on a bomb squad?
@sir I think it's actually been months since I looked at the manpage of GNU tar or LibArchive's (bsd)tar.

@sir Does this also apply to AIX tar, HP-UX tar and SCO tar? I've heard some of them don't allow dashes before options, while others require dashes, which is what makes the tar XKCD difficult.

@Wolf480pl All three of them allow dashes, eg. -xf works. Also on the BSDs, Linux, macOS, etc…

@Wolf480pl Ah sorry, confusion on my part! Thought you refered to AIX, HP-UX and *Solaris*. I have never touched a SCO Unix server.

@dumol neither did I, but comments on explainxkcd said dash/no-dash was a problem on older Unices, so I quickly checked docs of all old Unices that came to my mind and found SCO.

Also, judging by AIX's tar manpage[1], the no-dash syntax has its roots in BSD, while the dash syntax was standardized by X/Open. So I guess pre-X/Open BSDs could not support dashes.


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