@sir it would probably be a lot easier to make a tiny board that passes through serial to a device and feeds in input from a PS/2 port. dealing with USB in a MCU is a lot harder

@sir This is awesome. I wanted to do the same at home, but could not find an old model, and was worried by the print quality of the newer ones like EPSON LX-250 or EPSON LQ-350 versions.

Any feedback on print quality? Like high-res shots of the printed text from CUPS and standard font?

@MicroJoe you should not expect great print quality from a dot matrix printer.

@sir Yes, but I wanted to know how bad it was at the time, and if any progress has been made DPI-wise with recent models with 24 pins.

@sir nice; we had a DEC terminal printer at college which was nice; one serial port with the printer and keyboard at a comfortable height; but I wouldn't call that or the Epson a 'line printer' - they only print a column of pixels at a time, not the entire line; there were real line printers that impacted the whole line in one go at scary rates - en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Line_p

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