Holy shit, the gitcoin founder told me "we're burning over $100K/mo to try to Grow[sic] and Sustain Open Source; we're just trying to keep the lights on with the 10% fee"

What the fuck? What are they spending $100K/mo on? That's like 20+ engineer's salaries, they could just straight up pay free software devs to work on free software and have a huge impact with a budget like that.

@sir There's 14 of them listed on this page:

Plus office, plus marketing... yeah, I can see it.

Sustainable? Absolutely not.

@sir Can't have a company without a huge office building ofcourse! /s

It's more than the expense of KDE and GNOME together.

Pumping money into marketing to make short term gain on the token, like the rest of them.

@sir The word "coin" in the name and the mention of a blockchain on the about page is pretty much all you need to know. There's pretty much no chance this is not a pyramid scheme of some kind.

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