In light of the Overwatch 2 trailer I'd like to remind you that Blizzard is a dog of the Chinese "executes and harvests organs from political prisoners" government


in light of the [game you are excited about] trailer, I'd like to remind you that [Developer/Publisher] is a slave of the American "puts children in concentration camps and kidnaps and tortures and murders people around the world" goverment


I mean which countries has China invaded and killed nearly a million people in lately?

I think it's ignorant to pretend that (conveniently) Official US Enemies have uniquely evil governments

@SeanAloysiusOBrien I never said China had a uniquely evil government. Drop the whataboutisms and don't put words in my mouth


criticizing the actions of your own government: meaningful and can have an impact on actual political decisions in a positive way

criticizing the actions of Official US Enemy Governments where you don't live: does not affect people who live there or make decisions there but does provide moral capital for your government to do horrible things to them

@SeanAloysiusOBrien I'm not going to apologise for not criticisng the despots of your choice at a time which is convenient to you. Fuck off.

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @sir

citicizing chinese government in china: meaningfully improve government organ supplies.

and that's exactly the reason you should care about the tyrannies you aren't directly subjected to: you are tend to be fairly save from them.

@nifker @sir

it's more like there's no ethical consumption under capitalism and you're never going to shame companies into acting for the public good

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @sir First one: yes - but I cant agree on the second, I don't think that censorship, slavery and stuff is something you can call "public good".

@nifker @sir

? I didn't say it was

I'm saying you're not going to shame companies into being good and you're not going to boycott capitalism out of existence

systemic change is needed and no finger wagging routine at any company is going to solve capitalism

@nifker @sir

and, more relevantly, a finger wagging campaign from the West to another country won't do any good for the people who live there, especially while the West continue to be the center of all the violence and injustice purveyed at the behest of capitalism

@SeanAloysiusOBrien @nifker @sir "there is no ethical labour under capitalism, so strikes don't achieve anything"

@kline into the bodies of the Chinese upper class?

@sir I was just curious if it was like, taken for state research, sold internationally by the state for profit, used for domestic surgery, etc

@kline the average wait time for organ transplants in China is on the order of days and weeks, in the rest of the world it's years.

ISBN 978-0-8132-1874-8;
DOI 10.1016/S0140-6736(11)61536-5

@kline same sources show evidence that prisoner executions are timed for convenience to the organ "donation" recipent

@sir I'm not pro-execution, pro-China, or pro-political-crime, but if you're going to arbitrarily execute people then the least that can be done is recycle them.

@kline the implication here is that the demand for organ transplants motivates the execution of political prisoners. Note that political prisoners have not committed anything we would consider to be crimes in the west, it's more people who are inconvenient to the Chinese communist party, religious and ethnic minorities, etc.

@sir oh yeah, I was wanting to be clear that I don't think how China deals with political dissidents is right, fair, or even reasonable.

But for many disappeared into that system, indefinite detention and execution is on the cards anyway, sadly.

@kline rather than get into the minute details, just treat the sum of these points and others unsaid as justification for condemning Blizzard and other companies who bend the knee to the Chinese government, which was the point of the original post.

@sir I don't have much interest in that whole thing either way, but I do think people should know more about things like China's systematic disappearances even in the modern day, the Uyghur detention camps, etc.

Chinapol, human rights 

Chinapol, human rights 

Chinapol, human rights 

@sir interesting to read the replies to this where people are saying things like "other bad things exist and therefore we are not allowed to call this thing bad"

@ben it's a natural human defense mechanism. "I like this game, and I can't possibly like things which have troubling moral implications, therefore the troubling moral implications are false"

@sir every game story I enjoyed recently has extremely troubling moral implications

undertale's premise is a child trying to climb a mountain alone for some unknown reason, and the first prompt in the game is "name the fallen child"

@sir people have gotten very mad at me for claiming that guild wars 2 has more than one transgender character in it

I saw someone threatening to quit over Gorrik's note on Jormag here:

personally I love this stuff, but there are definitely people who are terrified that video games might be media and therefore have politics associated with them

@SwooshyCueb @sir a game doesn't spend seven years leading up to a dragon saying trans rights and going to space, bookended by people using the wrong pronouns for her and getting stomped out by the player character, without being there for a reason

@ben @sir I have not been following the living story rip

I only recently beat the base campaign

@SwooshyCueb @sir well, I'm taking some liberties with "bookended" here since she's born halfway through those seven years (season 3 episode 2)

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