Hey quick reminder that using AWS is the digital equivalent of going to the bank, withdrawing all of your venture capital money as cash, stacking it up on the sidewalk, setting it on fire, and powering a 10 year old server with the waste heat to run your ruby webshit on

Also note that if all you do with AWS is run VMs you are very much using AWS wrong

But also if you do anything other than running VMs on AWS you're vendor locking yourself into a platform which requires several engineer salaries worth of money to keep the lights on

@sir Does this apply to kubernetes as well? It seems very like the way of not vendor-locking yourself, because different parts (from container runtime to even networking stack) are just implementation details.


@alexcleac I don't have a lot of experience with k8s. It's never been suited to the way I do devops and it's super complex.

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