I don't understand why GitLab is doing these things. Even on behalf of Sourcehut, there are subsets that I don't really try to compete with GitLab on. They have a place in this ecosystem and they're working to undermine it. They're making a void that I, even as a competitor, don't want to and am not prepared to fill. The community is going to suffer for their missteps.

I feel really bad for their employees. If I could help, I would, but Sourcehut isn't big enough to provide a fallback for them. To any GitLab employees who know something I can do to help, or just want to talk, I can lend a sympathetic and private ear at

@sir seems like gitlab thinks its a cooperative, but they're just role playing.

@sir Can you explain to me exactly what is it that GitLab is doing so terribly?

@sir That sucks. Royally. GitLab is a great piece of FOSS. I hope they rectify.

@0x00 @sir Uhg... That really bothers me... They have gotten my money from time to time or a customer of mines...

@sir it's weird isn't it? It almost look like internal sabotage. I wonder who's making these decisions...

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