I mean, I can see where they're coming from. Also, I could see them being pressured by one or multiple states to do this as well so there's that to consider.
@sjw @sir Given those blocks, they should block Australia, too (which any company should do, really).
UK too. Actually, I'd argue UK is worse than Australia.
@sjw @sir Australia forces gag orders on employees to sabotage their own company:

"The new law also allows officials to approach specific individuals—such as key employees within a company—with these demands, rather than the institution itself. In practice, they can force the engineer or IT administrator in charge of vetting and pushing out a product's updates to undermine its security. In some situations, the government could even compel the individual or a small group of people to carry this out in secret. Under the Australian law, companies that fail or refuse to comply with these orders will face fines up to about $7.3 million. Individuals who resist could face prison time."

@sjw @sir The UK has nothing on that level, as far as I know.
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