This is why we use transactions when manually writing queries against the prod database

@sir On the other hand, this does not look like a task that should require direct database access.

@galaxis there is not a UI for every support task, but I have been creating them for the common ones. It's not until it would save me time to program out the UI that I add them

@sir @galaxis I humbly submit that writing a UI for this could save more time than fixing N users' payment records. :-)

@varx @galaxis I do this infrequently. A UI takes time to write, test, deploy, test again... writing a single SQL query takes like 30 seconds.

@sir @galaxis Not to belabor the point too much, but fixing the results of a single SQL query can take a lot more than 30 seconds.

@amdg2 @varx @galaxis it takes me about 2 seconds to type "rollback;"

@sir @amdg2 @galaxis How do you ensure you always figure out whether you made a mistake before you end the transaction?

@varx This is getting too nitpicky for my liking. Isn't "it's ok for me to do this in a database transaction right now" enough to end the discussion?

@sir @amdg2

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