I really wish there was a good programming language

The number and nature of the compromises I have to make when choosing a programming language for every goddamn project really gets to me


Except for C. To every use-case which C is suitable, it has never been a disappointment to me.

@sir i feel the same way

i have never used c for a project and looked back and thought it was a wrong choice

it is the pragmatic option

@sir zig is trying, though

i like zig.

but it's not there just yet.

@ky0ko @sir would Factor have a future if it was more actively developed?

@grainloom @sir it took me about 10 seconds of looking at it to conclude "no"

@grainloom @sir


- object oriented as a core concept
- automatic memory management
- large standard library

@grainloom @sir those automatically make it incompatible with a huge variety of the things that make c suitable for many tasks

@ky0ko @sir not for the same niche as C, more for interactively poking at things like in a Python REPL

@grainloom @sir idk

to me it looks like a higher level fusion of lisp and forth without the conceptual simplicity that makes lisp or forth so immediately useful at a repl

@grainloom @sir it strikes me as a sort of "c++" for forth

which is extremely not a good thing

@sir I wonder why that is. Maybe because C gives us so little (as in "is so minimal") that it empowers us much more than other languages that are not as minimal.

@sir Do you have any recommendations on how to learn C?

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