I think that businesses today need to consider whether history remembers their role in the present the same way we remember IBM's role in the 1940's. I certainly know how I want Sourcehut to be remembered in that respect.

@sir best piece of journalism I've read today. Thanks for the piece of your mind.

@sir Masterfully written, and thoroughly documented opinion piece. Thanks!

@sir great review of the current situation in #china and how the government is interfering with foreign governments around the world through economic incentives.

Just a quick note on the #hongkong section, generally we prefer to use the term "autonomy" rather than "independence", as independence is another kettle of fish that most of us do not seek.

@old97 thanks for the tip, I'll update the article to use autonomy instead

@sir all good. Thanks for writing such a thorough and well researched article.

@sir Great piece. Three things:

- "they were insulated them from"
- I haven't heard anyone claim to be worried they would be tried and executed on the mainland for rioting. Rioting in Hong Kong carries a maximum penalty of ten years of prison. That's enough for people not wanting to be prosecuted for it.
- Maybe you didn't mean it, and either way you aren't alone, newspapers do it too: When reading your text, one could get the impression that Hong Kong's democracy on paper has been gradually eroded since Handover. Some articles have claimed that electoral reforms were rolled back in 2014. This is not the case.

Formally and legally, Hong Kong is the most democratic it has ever been. Also, from 1997-2003 Hong Kong seemed to be mostly left alone in agreement with the Joint Declaration.

2/3 (heh)
@sir The reduction in democracy and freedom has been happening mostly in the latest 10-16 years, and it has been:
- informal, in the form of powerful government-owned business interests and indirect political influence over politicians and other influencers who want a comfortable seat in mainland institutions like the NPC.
- illegal, in the form of kidnappings, forced confessions and "voluntary" acts of going to the mainland to give oneself up.

As you note, the latter would have been made legal, had the extradition bill taken force, and this together with the way it was rushed through the legislative is why the reaction was so strong.


@clacke thank you for sharing your thoughts. I made updates where it was easy - like that typo - but for the rest, I'll have to take some time to process this and figure out how it should affect the article.

@sir What happened in 2014, and what many report as a step back in democracy, was a failure at democratic progress. The government had promised universal suffrage for the CE election, but what came back from the NPCSC was a proposal for a Ford Model T election, where the people can vote for any candidate, as long as it's an approved candidate who "loves China and loves Hong Kong".

This kicked off the Scholarism protests and occupation that would become the Umbrella Movement and overshadow the long-planned Occupy Central with Love and Peace. The proposal was voted down in LegCo.

@sir A great read. Do you (or anybody else for that matter) have a list of companies who have kowtowed to China? I'd like to also start avoiding them where I can.

@sir Thank you for this Drew. It's awesome to see that people are writing more and more about this, and are ready to actually do something. Gonna spread the word.

@sir Very well written, poignant piece, Drew.

@sir I had not thought of the UK responsibility to uphold the treaty. That was a really good point.

@sir Huge respect for posting this.

Just last week everyone was tooting the Pine phone. I saw that it ships from China via China Post and decided to skip it.

It wasn't an easy decision. Now I don't feel alone :)

@sir This will be hard, very difficult. Especially considering a lot of our food is shipped to China to be processed then shipped back. However, I think I'm going all in on no more China. Unless I absolutely can't, of course (I'm rather poor and a lot of cheaper items I can afford are most likely Chinese or in someway handled by the Chinese...).

Our => the US.

@slylax @sir wait, that happens? Do you have any examples as I would be interested in researching more into this and wouldn't know here to start

@old97 @sir I may be (somewhat?) wrong about that actually. Your comment got me researching and I came across this: snopes.com/fact-check/china-ch

@old97 @sir maybe when it comes to food, unless one has a LOT of excess time, the public may never know what goes to China and back...


This is all rather disturbing imho.

@sir Honest question: I just ordered a Pinebook Pro and Pinephone which are pushing the software freedom narrative ahead but both are manufactured in China. I don’t know where I’d buy devices I need to compute in the future which both respect software freedoms and are manufactured outside China. Do you?

@sovereign recycle stuff which has already been manfuactured. I don't think that it's possible to have a fully freedom respecting phone given these constraints

@sovereign but, fwiw, I have a pinephone preorder and I haven't cancelled it. I didn't realize at the time that it was made in China.

@sovereign well, it's not a preorder, it's just a regular order. They have delays because of civil unrest

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