@sir Hmmm, you've warmed to the idea of Rust for that browser engine...

Have you looked at NetSurf or Dillo? Then again NetSurf is working on rudimentary JS support, and Dillo's written in C++ and is non-embeddable...

Then ofcourse there's the commandline browsers like Lynx, and I'm finding it simpler and more interesting to create a voice-assistant one than a graphical one...

@alcinnz and god, no fucking thanks to a "voice assistant" web browser

@sir I was just wondering what your thoughts on those were. I'll take it as nothing else to add.

As for my own efforts, fair enough. I can't imagine it's for you but I do find it a useful aid to multitasking (normally I can't), and I hope it can counter some of the hype webapps have been getting in favor of a simpler and more accessible web.

@sir git×bittorrent maybe something like git-torrent?
vector hardware display: I think this was a thing on terminals like VT200, would be great to have but wonder how that would work today.
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