Take action to save .org and prosecute those who sold out the internet

@sir "so our appeals my fall on deaf ear" should'nt it be "may"?

The only way to prosecute is to give them less power

@succfemboi or, to, you know, prosecute them. In a court of law. For doing illegal things

Oh the link didn't look like a link at first because of the app theme

@lanodan I don't think it can hurt. The IRS and AG would like to know about uncouth activity regardless of who tells them, I'd think

@sir i'd rather have something similar to for domain names. This is just one example of why the current system is antiquated and untrustworthy. Squatting could also be stopped with a software solution, if the people decided that it should be.

@sir FYI -- ISOC is a DC nonprofit corporation and PIR is in PA. Any CA or VA registrations are foreign (out of state) operating registrations. PA atty gen and PA orphans court must review the conversion to for-profit.

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